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"Change Happens Workshop, 2017"

"What an amazing event! I enjoyed hearing people express the different life changes. Mia spoke on several changes that we may face and ways to deal with unexpected changes. She listen carefully and gave excellent feedback. I especially enjoyed the exercise where we were put in groups; we cut out pictures from the magazine that related to the changes in our life. This exercise helped me interact with others and visually express the changes in my life.  I truly recommend this class and definitely looking forward to the next group, thanks Mia!"

Tibitha Hunt, BS.,

A/R Credit & Collections

"I attended Mia Reid’s Change Happens workshop and I truly appreciated Mia’s genuine approach to group facilitation.  All of the attendees (including myself) were engaged and found ourselves continuing the dialog long after the session ended.  I look forward to attending similar workshops in the future with Mia." 

Jahquan Hawkins, MS.,

Educator, Author, College Success Coach

"The Change Happens workshop allowed me the opportunity (to modify my negative energy) and tap into the positive energy from within to deal with life’s challenges.  The hands- on application exercises that Ms. Reid facilitated provided tools for participants to utilize on a daily basis. This was a wonderful workshop and I plan to make time in my schedule to attend another one." 

Valerie Merriwether, Ed.S.,

Executive Director, J&V Management Consulting Firm, Inc.

"I took the opportunity to attend the “Change Happens” workshop conducted by Ms. Mia Reid and was both surprised and impressed. I was surprised that a great deal of useful and diverse information was exchanged between the participants and Ms. Reid. It was truly an interactive and meaningful exchange of useful ideas about change and how it can be used to shape a better “you”. I was impressed at Ms. Reid’s grasp of the issues and how effectively she managed the flow of conflicting ideas and information so that rather than being confused, I [and others] came away with more insight about change. To that end, I sincerely recommend attending her workshops if you have the wherewithal and the desire to grow as a person and as a productive member of a changing world."

Carlespie M.A. McKinney,

Professor of Accounting & Business

Oakland Community College