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Are you tired of wondering why you are feeling down? Have you stopped enjoying your favorite hobbies or people? Are you having trouble getting out of bed, eating, or sleeping? Do you try to feel better but you just can't? You may be suffering from complicated grief or depression.

What is Grief and Depression?


Do you find yourself constantly worrying and having unwanted throughts? Do you get anxious around crowds or groups? Are you preoccupied with numbers, germs, or symmetry? Do you feel you must complete a ritual or something bad will happen? You may be suffering from a form of anxiety.

What is Anxiety?


Do you constantly avoid specific people and places for fear of unpleasant and intrusive memories? Do you suffer from  anxiety and panic attacks? Do you find that you are consistently irritable or angry? You may be suffering from trauma.

What Is Trauma?


Do you use alcohol or drugs to feel normal, to relax, or to sleep? Do you find that you have memory loss or blackouts after drinking or using pills? Do you find that you are sneaking to gamble or drink? You may be suffering from a form of addiction.

What is Addiction?


Individual Counseling is a one on one opportunity to speak freely about problems or issues in a safe and non-judgmental environment.



Couples/Family Counseling includes a form of therapy that focuses on creating positive relationships and strengthening loving bonds. 



Group Counseling is a form of therapy that includes other individuals that may be experiencing relatable symptoms in a welcoming small group setting.