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Our Mission Is Your Healing

Change Happens Today was formed to inspire, motivate, and treat those that are ready for a positive change. 


You Can Change!

One step at a time is all it takes to reach a goal but you must find the courage to take the first step. You can do this.


Would You Like To Become A Better You?

If you are tired of being tired and you have exhausted all avenues for a solution, then its time. Give us a call, we are here for you.

Meet Mia



Hi, my name is Mia Reid and I appreciate your willingness to explore options for treatment with us. As the founder of "Change Happens Today", my goal is to work with you, offer you a safe space, and help you to improve your life through either individual, couples, family, or group counseling. I would like to Listen to you, Understand you, and Empathize with your issues in order to establish a therapeutic alliance. I would also like to work with you to develop tools and strategies to establish a personalized plan of therapy. If you are feeling alone, hopeless, depressed, or even just need someone to listen; I am available to assist you in becoming a better YOU. 

As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, I have over 25 years of experience working in higher education with student conflict and resolution. Therefore, as a limited licensed professional counselor under the guidance of a fully licensed LPC, I am qualified to address mental health disorders such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder I & II, and a host of other mental disorders as established in the DSM-5. I am a member of several counseling associations, such as the American Counseling Association & the Association for Specialist in Group Work, as a means of staying abreast of the best treatment options for clients. Most importantly, I am a mother that has experienced the loss of a child and it is my purpose to share with you the tools and strategies that have worked for me. You are not alone!

I also conduct Group Therapy for those individuals wanting to continue treatment or for those seeking additional support (Adults & Teens). I have offered several "Change Happens" workshops as well as teen workshops and each have been successful and well received. The purpose of Group Therapy is to work with other individuals dealing with emotional issues such as sadness, anger, hopelessness, addiction, grief, anxiety, depression, or any mental health struggle that may prevent an individual from living productively in society. Working in groups allows individuals to see and hear similar emotions that are limiting happiness and to realize YOU are not alone!

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