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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Should I Consider Counseling?

If you have been dealing with issues that produce the same negative results, then it may be time to seek out some tools and strategies with trained professionals to resolve those issues. It's that simple.

I'm Nervous, What Should I Expect?

You can expect to visit a safe and nonjudgmental environment with time devoted especially for you.

Will You Fix Me?

You are the best judge of what's bothering you. Therefore, you are in control of your change. We are available to compassionately listen to your concerns and work with you using our knowledge and methods for healing. As trained therapists, we are able to offer you tools and strategies to resolve your issues at a pace that is suitable for your situation. You can do this! We have the tools to help you get started on your journey to become a better you.

How Will I Benefit From Counseling?

The benefits will depend on your willingness for change. If you are ready to work hard and make a commitment to your treatment plan, you will experience many benefits. Some of those benefits may include resolving long standing issues, addressing obstacles, and embracing the happiness you have long desired and deserve.

Is Counseling Expensive?

We work with our clients to ensure the best possible financial plan so that anyone seeking counseling is able to receive help regardless of income level.

How Long Will My Session Last?

Individual counseling sessions are typically 50 minutes but times may vary depending on the client's wants and needs. 

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New Clients: Please email me at: or contact my office at (248) 954-9988 prior to scheduling appointment. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you.